Terms and Conditions

The ABCC is an annual Agility dog sports event, where only handlers with dogs of the breed Border Collie may participate.

By enrolling to this event, the participant accepts the special conditions of the event, in particular the special rules which apply in addition to all the conditions of the Austrian Association for Cynology (ÖKV) which are valid for such events and will submit to these regulations.

Instructions of the organizer, or authorized and accordingly designated persons are to be followed by all means, otherwise an exclusion from the event with expiration of the entry fee and an exclusion from the event area may occur.

The participants accept that authorized photographers or assistants of the organizer may take pictures  and video recordings of the participants and their dogs during the event at the entire tournament place and consents to their use, reproduction and distribution, especially over the Internet.

No remuneration for any photographed or filmed people and/or dogs will be granted, likewise there is no right for any own free use of the images, unless approved by the organizer in writing.


Participating Third Parties


At the event area food and drinks from invited third parties, like caterers or restaurants, may be offered.

Also dog sports equipment or any accessories and food products are offered under certain circumstances.

Even if invited by the organizer, no liability can be assumed by the organizer in relation to offers from third parties, especially as far as quality, compatibility or adequacy is concerned.