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Organisation, Domain owner and responsible for the content

Michael Kohl 
K.H. Waggerlgasse 29, A-2603 Felixdorf


Copyright & Disclaimer

The contents of the website and all sub domains including all text, images, or data they contain at any time are copyrighted!

Any use of the content without explicit written consent of the domain owner is illegal and punishable by law, this applies in particular to texts, photos, videos, and graphics.

The link to our website, is explicit prohibited. Similarly, the copy - even partially but exclusive - of starter- and result lists.


All content has been created with great care, but we can not apply any liability for the correctness, completeness and actuality, descriptions and especially for the results.

The respective owner is always responsible for the contents of linked pages.


Image and artwork rights

L.A. Photography, Michael Kohl, RK Graphics


Privacy Policy

All personal data, in particular address data or email addresses as well data of the dogs, which are collected by the reporting system used by "" or ""  serve the registration and evaluation and are given only in this context to the ÖKV.

A transfer of relevant data to third parties for any purpose does not take place.

These data may be used by us for invitation letter to future events or serve in an anonymous for the evaluation of statistics.



With a registration to thr event of the Austria Border Collie Championship the registered starter  accepts these terms and conditions and agrees to them.